Gun control

Gun control! Oh, what a wonderful thing!  It will make our streets safer and there will be no more shootings. That is how it will work, right?? WRONG. No, that is not how it will work. The way it will work is the law abiding citizens will turn in their guns, but the bad guys will keep their guns and then there will be more killings and mass shootings by guns. I can tell right now the reason for all these killings is because we live in a sinful world; but, that won’t help us figure out what the Bible has to say about gun control.  As a Christian, I will try to show you what the Bible has to say about gun control. Ok, let us start at the beginning. The Bible was written before guns were invented, so you might wonder how can it say something about gun control. It does not say anything specifically about gun control, but it does give us some guidelines to follow. In the beginning of the Bible, there is a story of two guys, Cain and Abel; they were brothers. Cain got mad at Abel because God was not accepting his sacrifice, but was accepting Abel’s sacrifice; so, Cain got to a point of rage that  he killed his brother, Abel, with a rock. Guess what? God wasn’t like, “We need rock control,” because “anything” control will not stop killings. The point I’m trying to get across is that it is people killing people, not the gun or rock or whatever people use.  According to Jesus’ words from Luke 22:35-38, we should  be able to protect and defend ourselves. But, we also need to listen to the government (Romans 13:1-7), but only if the government is making laws according to God’s rules and principles found in the Bible. To prove my point, in the year 2011, there were more people murdered by hammers than guns. Guess what?  The government wasn’t like, “We need hammer control.” The only reason they want gun control is so that they can control us, the people. I think the way to solve so many people from getting killed is to allow people to carry guns and not have all these gun free zones. Gun free zones are like a welcome sign to bad guys saying, “We have disarmed everyone for you, so come on in and shoot everybody.”  I’m not happy about it, but it is the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. What I hope you learn from this is that gun control won’t work. Also, that the Bible gives us guidelines for everything we might face in life, even gun control. I would like to also say to all the families out there that have had relatives killed in shootings, that I’m sincerely sorry. Also a thank you to all the service members out there who have fought and are fighting for this great nation.

God Bless                                                                                                           Psalms 19, ( The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork).



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