Civil Rights


From racial profiling and being pulled over just for ‘driving while black’ to this new phenomenon of killing unarmed people out of some preconceived idea of fear, our lives and our children’s lives are not being valued.

Al Sharpton

      I know that there are still some cases of discrimination, but the words, “Civil Rights,” are getting used too much. I addressed the gay rights deal in one of my last posts, and as I said, you’re not discriminating  against a person, you’re discriminating against their actions. Every human has rights, but not all actions do. When a police officer pulls somebody over, he’s not racial profiling, he’s action profiling. To make the assumption that all white officers hate black men is inaccurate. I think that’s amazing what our country has overcome, from slavery, to electing a black man to president. Police officers have to be held accountable, but not more than some person with a criminal record. Human rights are very important; it’s what our country was founded upon. But, they are not applicable to anything but a person. You can’t term actions, “civil rights,” and use them to push your religion, opinions, and political views.



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