11 weeks                                                       12 weeks

   And if we accept that a mother 

can kill even her own child,

how can we tell other people

not to kill one another?

 Mother Teresa 

Here is a question when is it ok to murder?? Also what is your definition of murder???? You might think it is ok to murder if you are getting revenge. You might not realize this but there are at least 854,123 people murder a year in the U.S. That number I just gave you  where people under 20 weeks years of age. Is it ok to murder those baby’s. You may say they were not humans they are just fetus, so they aren’t really humans when they get aborted, and some of you might say what if they where women who got raped, so if that happens it is ok to have an abortion. I believe in the bible and the bible say  they are humans from the start. All of you might not believe in the bible. That is your choice, but went does that so called fetus become a human and when does it become illegal to abort?? I believe they are humans from the start and they are always illegal to abort. If it is ok to abort humans in the womb. Then what’s is to stop me from killing a person who is 20. If you say it is ok to kill the baby’s then what is the difference????????????????????????? Aren’t baby’s humans to?  Lets say this girl gets raped and you say is ok abort it the baby because it was a rape. Well rape is a awful thing but just because something bad happened that means you get permission  to kill. That is like saying I got fired so, now I’m poor and can’t find a job. So I’m going to go kill my boss, because he caused this. You wouldn’t do that so, what is the difference. At the top of the post there are some pictures of unborn baby’s at 11,12 weeks old. To show you that you can tell they are humans from the start. Let me know what you think in the comments.



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