Relative Truth Isn’t the Whole Truth

I had a couple of people on my last post, The Right Thing is Never Wrong, comment on  what’s right is how we perceive right in our own eyes.  This is true, but what they’re arguing is that abortion is okay for those that think it is okay. Let me explain why I think it’s a fallacy to believe that. The comments said that our morality is based on what we believe. But, there are laws demanding that we don’t do certain things, such as murder and rob. So, even though we all have our own convictions, we all have to follow this law. They tell me that I need to back off of the case and let them do what’s right in their own eyes and quit judging. Do you want to know something interesting? They both believe that a baby doesn’t become a human until a certain point, and so I asked them when that happens, and neither of them have responded to that question. The “right in our own eyes” argument is a smoke screen that many people don’t see past. Suze said that she doesn’t believe that a baby becomes human until the spinal cord connects; that is FALSE. That is like saying a plant isn’t a plant until you can see it sticking through the ground.  Believing in something doesn’t make it true, and that’s why we have law.  Human nature is selfish and will not always make decisions that are good for other people. Suze threw in a few different arguments, and one of them was that it’s the woman’s choice. Whoa!  We’re talking about saving a life, not women’s rights. We are talking about human rights. That’s the problem; we don’t see that the arguments brought into these issue are ones that don’t even apply, like the medical issues of a pregnancy. They happen rarely, and since when do they give you the excuse to kill a person? Would you like it if your parents aborted you?



11 thoughts on “Relative Truth Isn’t the Whole Truth

  1. thecrustisthebestpart March 10, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    While I believe that truth is not relative: it is or it isn’t there is no gray, I did argue a point in where life begins. The point that I said is when the actual pregnancy begins. The zygote remains a single cell organism until it attaches to the uterus. At that point the now blastocyst will start cell division and developing a brain, heart, etc. an abortion would not be possible until after this point. The existence would not be detectable by out tests until a week after this point

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    • politicallyincorrect March 10, 2016 / 10:38 pm

      I’m a Christian, and so I believe there is no other truth but God. Everybody believes in something different, so truth can be relative to perception unless you look at God’s word, the Bible.


      • thecrustisthebestpart March 10, 2016 / 10:41 pm

        Even scientists will say it’s true or not. I’m a Christian too, but the sky is blue or it isn’t.

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    • politicallyincorrect March 10, 2016 / 10:39 pm

      Do you like this wordpress theme better?

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    • politicallyincorrect March 10, 2016 / 10:44 pm

      Yes, I agree. When I think about relative truth I don’t believe it’s true, I believe it’s more of someone’s perception. The on;y truth is what God has said.


    • politicallyincorrect March 10, 2016 / 10:46 pm

      I agree.

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  2. Suze March 11, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    Since my name was invoked I get to respond…..hiya, here I am again! lol Okay, I concede (after much study of medical issues surrounding when a child becomes a child) that my statement was incorrect. Give an old woman a chance now to learn something new. I do not identify myself as a christian therefor I do not agree with everything you say. Yes I have read the Bible and no I do not believe it is the absolute end all and be all for any decision making on my part. I do think murder is wrong morally. So is lying, cheating, stealing etc…all good moral rules to live by. Those ten commandments do mean something to me and are the basic rules whereby I try to live my life. none of which has anything to do with the discussion. I was simply pointing out that ALL issues of legal and moral considerations have multiple sides without a determining “black/white” response. It is sometimes a fine line between what is legal and what is morally correct. And I still firmly believe that it is the woman’s dilemma and decision. question…do you care as much about what happens to the child after it is born? that it has food, shelter, love or is it no longer your problem? Is it okay to bomb abortion clinics? Is it okay to stalk and shoot medical professionals providing abortion services? and if it isn’t, because murder is wrong, then why do pro-lifers engage in such activity in an attempt to “save a child”? Something else to think about. Peace.

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  3. politicallyincorrect March 11, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    I agree with your statement about the people attacking abortion clinics, it is an unnecessary act of violence that I abhor, and I do not align myself with those people. Every side has people who do radical things that make their movement look bad. And is for the safety of the child, it has a much better chance at surviving if we don’t kill it in the first place. There is always the option of the baby being put up for adoption. I know that it is a tough childhood environment to have to go through, but at least it is given every opportunity. And as for it being the woman’s decision, did she not agree to participate in what made the baby? You said that after much research that the baby is human at conception, I think that’s a good enough reason to not abort. I agree with your statement about moral dilemmas, it all comes down to following either the spirit of the law, or the letter of the law.


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  4. moondustwriter April 27, 2016 / 7:45 pm

    Life was simpler when we just all obeyed the golden rule. Sadly now gold can be yellow, brown, or ocre and rules can be whatever we want them to be


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