There have been an increasing number of Palestinian attacks on Israel in the last six months, and the other day an American student was killed in a stabbing. The stabber was eventually shot and killed by police. There are people starting to ask whether or not the police could’ve subdued this terrorist without killing him. Is that the point? He was running around stabbing innocent people. There were thirteen people injured that same day from other terrorists at the same time.  These are attacks that should not be taken lightly, and there are many people from civilized nations joining ISIS. At least 200 Americans have joined ISIS’ ranks in Syria. These middle eastern and Palestinian groups need to be stopped. Why are we even questioning if it was ethical to kill a terrorist? We are letting these groups have too much control with them being on online social media . Israel is taking these attacks seriously, because they are surrounded by their enemies on every side. We need to be putting our foot down on such open hostility to ourselves and to our allies. These terrorists use hospitals, schools, ambulances, and civilians for shields, and kill children and Christians.  The reason we have given them these weapons is to try and combat some other regime in their area. What happens, though, is that they start another group that’s dangerous to us. We have tried it a couple of times now, and we know it doesn’t work, which means we should quit arming these middle eastern groups. Terrorists are very hard to combat because they blend in with civilians, and strike fast. My solution to  this problem, is to not give out weapons and to have a stronger presence when it comes to negotiating with the terror groups,  which means not negotiating with the groups.  When they attack civilians, you don’t talk to these attackers; you force them to quit. We should recognize these groups as criminals, not as people with rights to take prisoners. The more they aren’t recognized as viable groups receiving what they want,  the more vulnerable and weaker they will be.



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